To further highlight the features of the Adventure line, Fiat has launched the Adventure Extreme Special Series, which brings a lot of technology on board and details that highlight an even more outstanding customization for the Adventure line. It was launched first in the Strada pick-up, and from now on it is enough to meet the various types of consumers in this segment, thus completing the entire Fiat Adventure line: Weekend Adventure Extreme, Idea Adventure Extreme and Doblò Adventure Extreme.The main highlight of the Extreme Special Series is the new Multimedia Center with a rear camera, which adds a lot of technology and several features, offering a lot of comfort for the driver and also for the passengers.The new Multimedia Center, featured on all the models of this new special series, features a 6.2-inch Touch Screen, with the following functions: Digital TV, Browser, Bluetooth, Reverse Camera, AM / FM Radio, DVD, CD Player, USB , auxiliary input, telephone calls and control of steering wheel controls. This translates into a lot of sophistication, safety and practicality aboard the new Special Series.Externally, the Adventure Extreme brings several differentials, such as new alloy wheels, front grille and bumper frame with exclusive paint, an unprecedented color on Adventure – White Kalahari – and Extreme badge. But each model received a specific characterization and equipment. See below:

Weekend Adventure Extreme :
– Dimmed front and rear bumper frame;
– Front grille darkened;
– Black mask lights;
– 16-inch alloy wheels with exclusive paint;
– Shaded threshold guard;
– Rear cover darkened;
– Luggage net in the luggage compartment;
– Storage compartment bag on the back of the front seats,
– On exclusive Extreme rugs;
– Badge Extreme;
– Leather steering wheel with Commands of the Multimedia Center.
Idea Adventure Extreme :
– Dimmed front and rear bumper frame;
– Front grille darkened;
– Black mask lights;
– Dimmed headlamp frame;
– 16-inch alloy wheels with exclusive paint;
– Luggage net in the luggage compartment;
– Rear electric windows with one touch and anti-smash;
– Parking Sensor;
– On exclusive Extreme rugs;
– Badge Extreme.
Doblò Adventure Extreme :
– Front bumper frame;
– Front grille darkened;
– 16-inch alloy wheels with exclusive paint;
– On exclusive Extreme rugs;
– Badge Extreme;
– Leather steering wheel with Commands of the Multimedia Center.
The Adventure Extreme Special Series comes to the market with great advantage to the customer’s pocket that seeks the adventurous concept for both leisure and day to day. With an excellent cost-benefit and counter value – about 22% less than the value of the equipment -, it brings many competitive prices.
Adventure Extreme Special Prices :
– Weekend Adventure Extreme – R $ 70,180
– Idea Adventure Extreme – R $ 70,380
– Doblò Adventure Extreme – R $ 84,370

The vehicle that revolutionized the commercial segment and raised the concept of quality and versatility in its segment, the New Fiorino, now comes to market with its 2016 line, maintaining the tradition of being the most cost-effective compared to its competitors.The New Fiorino 1.4 Flex offers great comfort, economy, bold design, and offers the best price in the category. Characteristics that made it a great sales success for Fiat, the model registered 23,837 units in 2014, which represents 90% more compared to the year 2013.2016 – FIAT FULLBACK CONCEPTThe Fiat Professional line will have as of June of this year a new member, the Fiat Fullback Concept that has just been revealed in the Salon of Geneva 2016. The pick-up is based on the namesake that the Italian brand presented during the Salon of Dubai in the year past, and as it is the second presentation and its launch being close, the production model will likely vary very little compared to this prototype.It is designed for both those looking for a vehicle for work, and those who require a versatile car for an adventurous lifestyle. The Fullback Concept features a ‘Liquid Metal Gray’ finish with a black leather interior and anodized copper inserts on the dashboard.The exterior of Fiat’s pick-up stands out for its design and some matte black fittings, such as rear-view mirrors, door handles, cargo-box metal bars, wide sideboards and 20-spoke alloy wheels inches, which feature black diamond inserts. The huge front grille, front bumper and aluminum protections for the lower parts are the highlights.In addition to including bi-xenon headlamps and the navigation system, underneath the hood of the Fiat Fullback Concept hides a 2.4-liter turbo diesel engine that produces 180 hp, coupled to a five-speed automatic transmission and a four-wheel drive system wheels with electronic rear differential.


The Fiat Grand Siena, since its launch, has several attributes that add great value to the car. The model has a modern design, elegant, excellent level of finish, several technological items and still offers ample internal space, besides one of the biggest trunk of the category, of 520 liters.Now, its 2016 line arrives with the goal of strengthening that image and improving its competitors’ competitiveness by offering new content that further awakens consumer interest.The Grand Siena 2016 arrives to the market more complete and more attractive, with new items of series that improve the comfort, the practicality and connectivity. See below:- The Attractive 1.4 Flex version now features standard air conditioning. On the other hand, the Tetrafuel 1.4 Flex version gains fog lights and a knife with remote control for opening the doors, electric windows and trunk.The Essence 1.6 Flex version now offers all the technology and convenience of Radio Connect in its standard list: Integrated radio CD MP3 / WMA with RDS, USB input, Bluetooth® handsfree and Audio Streaming function. And rear electric windows with one touch and anti-smash.The 2016 line of the Grand Siena also brings new options, with exclusive kits for each version. Check out:he Creative 1 Kit for the Attractive 1.4 and Tetrafuel versions 1.4 comes with external electric rearview mirrors with Tilt Down; radio Built-in MP3 / WMA CD player with RDS, USB input, Bluetooth® hands-free and audio streaming function; rear electric windows with one touch and anti-smash; leather steering wheel with radio controls with 6 buttons (price: R $ 2,586.00).he Essence 1.6 version gets two new kits. The Creative 1, which consists of external electric mirrors with Tilt Down and leather steering wheel with radio controls with 6 buttons (price: $ 980.00). And the Sublime Kit, which features leather steering wheel with six-button radio controls; electric rearview mirrors with Tilt Down; exclusive internal brown / ivory; seats partially covered in brown / ivory leather; central armrest in the driver’s seat; internal door threshold with Sublime inscription; carpet overhangs; gray metallic mask lights; exterior mirrors and front grille in metallic graycolor; smoked chrome trim and Sublime badge on the front doors (price: $ 4,100.00).

Sales success, the Sublime Special Series also continues on the line 2016 of the Grand Siena. It offers refinement and high standard finish, enriching both the external and internal design. This series values ​​good taste and gives the consumer high added value. Below, your differential:
– Leather steering wheel with radio controls;
– Rear Electric Windows;
– 16-inch alloy wheels with exclusive paint;
– Electric external mirrors;
– Gray Metallic Mask Headlights;
– Smoked chrome trim;
– SUBLIME badge on the front doors;
– Exterior mirrors and front grille in metallic gray;
– Interior developed in the colors Brown and Ivory;
– Partially leather seats with armrest for the driver;
– Scaffolding with Sublime writing;
– Gray carpet coversIt is also worth mentioning that the Grand Siena also offers a lot of technology, including Dualogic Plus gearbox with butterfly shift lever on the steering wheel, parking sensor, Tilt Down, Lane Change. It is also the only model in the segment to offer electric sunroof.
Prices for the 2016 Fiat Grand Siena line:
– Attractive 1.4 Flex – R $ 45,730.00
– Tetrafuel 1.4 Flex – R $ 55,130.00
– Essence 1.6 Flex – $ 50,360.00


Well complete, with a good driving position, excellent finishing, ample interior space and a large 380 liter trunk, the Fiat Idea arrives on the market with its 2016 line bringing novelties that reinforce all the attributes of the model and still offering the best relation cost-effective market with its three versions – Attractive 1.4 Flex, Essence 1.6 16V Flex, Adventure 1.8 16V Flex -, which guarantee advantages for the consumer’s pocket.With more attractiveness, the Fiat Idea 2016 gains in its list of electric rear view mirrors with new Tilt down function – with it the mirror on the right side tilts when driven backwards (in the Adventure and Essence versions this content is standard).he Attractive and Essence versions of the 2016 line bring a new steering wheel, with a more modern design and better grip, offering better handlingExternally, the Adventure 2016 version arrives with new 16-inch alloy wheels as standard. The attractive 2016 version also features new 15-inch alloy wheels in its list of optional contents. All versions of the model receive the anti-theft screw kit from the option lisersatility, practicality with a large number of door objects, split rear seat, connectivity, three engine options and the Adventure Locker – differential locking that reinforces the adventurous spirit, unprecedented in the segment -, are important features of the Fiat Idea, which has just reach the network of Fiat dealers even more complete and competitive.
Check out the prices for all versions of the 2016 Fiat Idea line below.
– Idea Attractive 1.4 Flex – R $ 51,270.
– Idea Essence 1.6 16V Flex – $ 53,710.
– Idea Adventure 1.8 16V Flex – $ 62,530.


The Fiat Linea has just won in its line a special edition, Blackmotion. Bringing a more sporty look and a more sophisticated finish, it meets the needs of customers seeking a sedan with a high level of comfort and technology, but at the same time do not give up an excellent cost-beneernally, several modifications leave the most modern and fluid design in the new Fiat Linea Blackmotion, which is based on the Essence version 1.8 16V. The new 17-inch sports alloy wheels stand out, setting the young and striking vocation of this Special Editi gain more uniqueness, it also features front bezels and front grille frame in black onyx, knobs and rear trim in vehicle color, plus the Blackmotion side badgee Fiat Linea Blackmotion Special Edition goes beyond the external design. It features an interior with a much more sporty identity. The panel gains a new finish in black color and a unique texture. Night Design lighting, black onyx car interior details and sports pedals complete the characterization of the new Blackmotion Linea also has a lot of technology and sophistication on board. The Uconnect Touch NAV 5 “Multimedia Center – which increases connectivity in a very intuitive way, allowing complete integration with the car, offering besides access to the media and telephone, also navigation by GPS -; rear parking sensor with rear parking sensor, leather-trimmed seats, air-conditioning output for the rear seat and front armrest with holder.inea is the most affordable mid-range sedan available in Brazil and the new Fiat Linea Special Edition Blackmotion is very competitive on the market. Its excellent cost-benefit is easily perceived by its comfort, its technological content, its level of finish and its price. It arrives for only $ 70,000.

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